Tastee Cheese Spread

Nutrition Facts: 

Health Benefits: 

Tastee Cheese is a nutritious and delicious product that provides vitamins and minerals to the consumer.  Some of the known nutrients are:

  • Protein - Promotes growth and development
  • Calcium - Provides strong and healthy teeth & bones
  • Phosphorous - Works with B vitamins to release energy from fat, protein and carbs     
  • B Vitamins - Important for healthy eyes and skin
  • Magnesium - Essential for all cells in the body
  • Zinc - Important for healing wounds 
  • Vitamin A - Promotes healthy skin

Tastee Cheese Spread

Tastee Cheese Spread is the same canned cheese we have come to love but in a convenient spreadable form. Packaged in 150g and 300g tubs and available in Regular, Solomon Gundy and Jerk flavours, these spreads can be found in the refrigerator of your local supermarket. They are quick and easy to serve and make a lovely dip for your favourite chips.